What is Remembory

(Remembory is an immersion box that gets you talking about the past.)
24 picture cards, with recognizable objects from the past, that encourage you to look back in time.

Many elderly people can return to their youth with pictures of an old doll’s pram, an old coffee mill, a washboard...
By talking about "the past" and exchanging ideas, the atmosphere and feel of "the good old days" can be evoked.
The comparison with "today" can be discussed through these pictures as well.
The immersion box tries to stimulate the elderly, but particularly people with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, to reminisce about the past, about the familiar.
This can encourage some people to break their isolation.

The picture cards also offer memory and observation training.
They can be used as “memory" cards (2 sets!) and as “happy families” cards and provide an incentive to play together.

This package offers a range of possibilities to share experiences in a fascinating way for everyone who works with the elderly.

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