A different view on dementia

The Expo wants to show in a positive way the perception of elderly people with dementia. With photos of activities and a mini museum, this exhibition takes you to activities that stimulate the memory of the elderly in a positive way. The exhibition invites you to change your view. The many sessions of which these images testify show  us that reminisce really does something with people.

Their renewed and vivacious gaze, their muffling smile and relaxed attitude speaks for itself ...
The leitmotiv in the story of initiator Tim Carpentier is the reliving of memories. He wants to retrieve memories on an enthusiastic and positive way with real vintage materials.
During the activity, the eldery experience nice moments and we get a view on past times.
With his unique and effective approach he wants to work together to offer primium care.

Tim wants to put the energy of the healthcare sector in the spotlight with his various projects. Despite all the negative messages there are in the care people who wants to provide older people with a meaningful old age. Real human contact and therefore real communication are the links of important. The smallest contact makes you feel that you are giving something positive to people.

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For more information: info@herinneringskoffer.be

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